Key Milestones & Dates

MHSONS was established back in 2005 under the proprietorship of Mr. Ameer Hamza with a vision to provide the state of the art waste management facility along with the trading of general raw materials since the inception MHSONS has never looked back and kept moving forward securing all the success stories coming in the way.

For last 14 years, MHSONS has set a benchmark in the industry in regards of providing the best services to our customer which has eventually resulted in us to a long list of clientele which includes giants of the industry like KICT, PICT, EBM, Chevron Pakistan Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank, SAPT, Habib Bank, Gandhara Industries and many more.



Vision | Plan | Execution

Since beginning our vision has been our execution

Under the leadership of Mr. Ameer Hamza (Founder MHSONS), who studied the market gap in Pakistan long time back in 2005 in all industries regarding the procedure and trading of scrap and promised to fill this gap with the state of the art services and since then he concreted the foundation MHSONS having the vision to be the best waste management service provider to all over Pakistan.

In the beginning, Company started capturing the public market and penciled its name on the industry with one of the best service providers in town and then gradually started moving to giant industries.



Growth | Branding | Expansion

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together

Having a strong and potential clientele on hand, MHSONS started to increase its employees and company value by introducing many new services to the market and capturing a bigger area of the market, Initially, it started off by providing the training and development to its employee to ensure the collective and promising services to the industries.

Also, MHSONS started increasing its assets to attain the business goals and mission of the company by adding the company-owned vehicles like a lifter, container, wheelie bin, tractor, etc which has opened a door of providing the transportation services to its client as well along with the ease in providing the fast and reliable waste management services to the market.

Plan to market

Gradually predominate extensible testing procedures for supply.

Market to growth

Dramatically engage top-line companies of the industry for their deliverable.

While keeping the check and balance on the industry standards, MHSONS was executing the par services in the industry and gradually begin to redefine the standards and take it to a level high from others. Also by stepping into transportation services we become one of the very few services providers who were known for their one-step solution for waste management.

Now MHSONS were offering debris removal services with cleaning services then demolition services then hazardous or non-hazardous waste we will take care of it anyway as long as it is not illegal by the government, along with the supply of raw material to the companies and transportation if they require for any purpose.



Steady & Strong

“ With all waste or pollution, Someone somewhere pays for it “

MHSONS has been taken into consideration to be one of the foremost waste management organization in its town and had been related to very robust businesses however to hold and retained them and to move forward in extraordinary sectors with their offerings they took a bounce forward to convey greater balance in the business enterprise through actual certifications and special affiliation with authorities.

These certifications and affiliations with the authorities nearby our bodies had cleared the manner to win the government tender and to paintings for the government. In authorities area, MHSONS had labored for organizations like KICT, PICT, KMC, and many others.

Company had ensured its recogination and function inside the industry with such steps and had been a hit in it with such partnerships all of the way.



Innovations & Market Leaders

“ Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought “

With such a dynamic portfolio of clients and being in the industry for more than 14 years, MHSONS started seeing things and processes differently and started recognizing the problems that are still unsolved of the industry. Now is the time to bring the change in the methodology of the process and uplift the industry parameters as per the recent times.

” With great position comes great responsibilities ” MHSONS has always understood its role in the progress of the industry and country both and to retain our brand image we are looking forward to bring much more to the market.

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