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MHSONS trades in the most well-made variety of general item supplies with the corporations. Dealing in numerous sorts of supplies be it new or used, kitchen machinery dinner set or bathroom accessories, raw woods or wood pallets, iron steel, or stainless steel. We can undoubtedly take care of your complete supplies needs.



With a rich record of clientele for waste management services, MHSONS also provides the general item supplies to its clients to provide them with a 360-degree complete solution plan for their organizations and unburden them with hurdles of arranging multiple suppliers for the development and management of their organization waste and supplies.

We ensure to provide the best of the equipment to our clients to fulfill their regular business on ground requirements and always keep a check and balance on our supplied equipment to make sure it brings the most to them.

We have been dealing with the buy and sell of general supplies for quite a long time now and have successfully able to offer a wide range of products to our clients as per their requirements. some of our in-demand items are listed below, however, if you could not find your required item in the below list then kindly leave us a message and we will contact you for further discussion on your requirement.

  1. Kitchen Machinery Dinner Sets / Bathroom Accessories
  2. All types of Raw Wood and Wood Pallets
  3. Polymer Plaster Items
  4. Stainless Steel Items
  5. Iron Steel Items

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