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MHSONS presents the transportation of waste over a certified process via trains, tankers, trucks, barges, or different required motors. The varieties of wastes that can be transported range from liquid garbage to radioactive or hazardous or non-dangerous waste.

We offer our services to the people or organizations that flow waste from one site to another with the aid of the motorway. MHSONS plays a necessary position within the hazardous waste management transportation of its client with the aid of handing over unsafe waste from their point of generation to the last destination.

This includes transporting hazardous waste from a waste generation site to a facility that may recycle, treat, shop, or remove the waste. It also can consist of transporting handled hazardous waste to a site for in addition to treatment or disposal.

MHSONS owns all the necessary equipment and resources to provide quality and hassle-free transportation to the organizations. Our expert demolishing team comprises of

  • Qualified Riggers
  • Safety Officers
  • Skilled Labor

Also, our equipment’s are updated with the latest technology which includes

  • Skip Trucks
  • Grab Trucks
  • Weigh Bridges


Our Equipments

MHSONS have been updating its machinery with latest technology and state of the art equipment to provide the best and better logistics services to the community for the waste management and also make sure to throw the collected waste to its appropriate place where it could be used for recycling or decomposing.

Our vehicle list comprises of the following equipment’s:

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