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MHSONS: Transforming Waste, Sustaining Communities.

Established in 2005, MHSONS envisions leading the way in waste-to-energy initiatives, optimizing resource utilization, and establishing a new benchmark for sustainable waste management, emphasizing reduction. Serving as a comprehensive solution, MHSONS covers incineration, recycling, non-hazardous scrap treatment, medical waste disposal, temperature-controlled vehicle and storage services, washing facilities, and various other environmentally conscious solutions. Since our inception, we have partnered with numerous national and international organizations to foster sustainability and achieve zero carbon emissions. Committed to meeting local regulatory standards and international protocols, MHSONS complies with entities such as SEPA (Sindh Environmental Protection Agency), PQA (Port Qasim Authority), ISO 14001-2015 (Environmental Management System), KCCI (Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry), KMC (Karachi Metropolitan Corporation), and various other ISO certifications. Moreover, MHSONS actively engages in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), conducts public awareness programs, and provides insightful sessions for clients.

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Redefining Waste Services

Providing comprehensive waste management and services for sustainable, ecofriendly future.


Hazardous Waste Management Services

Safely and responsibly handle and dispose of hazardous materials, ensuring environmental compliance and safety standards.


Non-Hazardous Waste Management Services

Efficiently manage and process non-hazardous waste streams, promoting sustainable waste solutions and regulatory compliance.


Other Services

Comprehensive solutions tailored to unique waste management needs, ranging from specialized consulting to custom environmental services.

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Our Working Process

Efficiently managing waste from assessment to disposal, we prioritize sustainability,
compliance, and eco-friendly processing in every step to ensure responsible waste management tailored to your needs.


Waste Assessing

Thorough evaluation and analysis of waste streams to determine composition, volume, and appropriate handling methods.


Waste Collection

Efficient and organized collection of waste materials from designated sources, ensuring a systematic and timely process.


Waste Processing

Advanced processing methods applied to manage and treat waste, incorporating eco-friendly techniques.

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MHSONS is at forefront of sustainable waste solutions, proudly serving 50+ clients, including multination corporations. Our commitment to the environment drives us to provide innovative, ecofriendly waste management strategies, ensuring a cleaner, greener future for all.


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