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Meet Our Team

Leadership Team

Our leadership serves with a focus on maximizing resource value while minimizing — or even eliminating
environmental impact so that both our economy & environment can thrive.
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Message From CEO

Ameer Hamza

Dear Partners, Stakeholders, and Valued Clients, It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I welcome you to the world of MHSONS Group. As the CEO of this remarkable organization, I am honored to share our journey, our values, and our unwavering commitment to sustainable waste management and scrap solutions. At MHSONS, we don't just manage waste; we transform it into opportunities for a greener and more prosperous future. Our dedicated team, state-of-the-art facilities, and innovative technologies are at the forefront of creating a more sustainable planet. In our pursuit of excellence, we remain steadfast in our mission
Reduce Waste: Minimizing the environmental impact of waste through responsible management practices.
Recycle: Harnessing the power of recycling to preserve valuable resources and reduce landfill waste.
Innovate: Pioneering new technologies and solutions that push the boundaries of waste management.
Collaborate: Partnering with communities and businesses to create a cleaner and more sustainable world.

At MHSONS we turn trash into Treasures
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Message From COO

Bilal Hashim

As the Chief Operating Officer at MHSONS, I am committed to operational excellence, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and ensuring efficient and sustainable waste disposal solutions for a cleaner and greener future. We prioritize sustainable practices, such as implementing recycling programs, encouraging waste reduction, and investing in eco-friendly technologies. By prioritizing responsible waste management, we aim to protect the environment and contribute to a cleaner and healthier world for all. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that waste is managed responsibly, protecting both the environment and public health, and we value feedback and suggestions

Together, let’s make a positive impact on our Environment!
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Message From CSO

Abdul Rauf

As the Chief Strategy Officer of MHSONS, I am honored to guide our journey toward a sustainable future in the scrap and waste management industry. Our vision is rooted in the belief that responsible waste management is the cornerstone of a cleaner and healthier planet. We are committed to leading the charge in environmental stewardship through innovative strategies that prioritize the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Our devoted team is at your service, and we highly value your feedback and suggestions.

Together, let’s make a positive impact on our Environment!
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