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Muhammad Hashim and sons penetrated the steel and metal industry in 2005 by setting up a solid ground as a supplier only. Later as we gained more strength, we extended our business towards the general public and their requirements as well.
Today Alhamdulillah, we are specializing in not only supplying local sellers, we take pleasure in dealing with the public, i.e.; customers as well. By building a pricing structure, we make sure our customers are informed of the costs and expenses and are assured they do not change according to the job.

Building a strong clientele with a solid reputation in the market has not been a difficult task for us as we believe strongly in being open and honest with our clients. We think people can usually tell themselves about who is being honest and who is not thus they choose to believe and stick with us. Many of them have been doing so for more than a decade.

More About Us

MHSONS has been directing innovative techniques towards efficient waste disposal and recycling for around 15 years now and we get better at our work every day. Tailoring a clean and green program for every client requires effort and micro-management at every turn and we are committed to providing that to every client with no preferential treatment no matter how big or small the contract is. Meeting your needs with better delivery.


Our mission has always been crystal clear from the start. Design a streamlined waste management system that puts the environment as top priority. And through this achieve a niche in the market for being the most environment friendly and green option there is.


To Create a contributive environmental solution for every metropolitan area of Pakistan with cost effective, streamlined and automated process that promote cleaner energy and waste management solutions that are used as benchmarks across the globe.

Core Values

• Environment friendly facilitation
• Business acumen
• Efficient management
• Continuous quality emphasis


Our Services

MHSONS offers a full range of containers to suit your waste production and your available space, ranging from skips and larger containers to wheelie bins. We ensure a reliable and prompt collection service.
Rest assured your waste will be collected in the most environmentally safe, clean, and legally compliant way possible.


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We take care of the following below:

  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Textile materials
  • Glass
  • Paper and cardboard material
  • Industrial Scrap metal and non metal
  • Packaging and wrapping content
  • Non Hazardous Waste

Our Skills

Our Strategy & Development

When it comes to strategy and development, MHSONS has always been customer-centric since the inception and has always prioritized customer briefing of required services and expectations to be met with the help of amazingly skilled labor and up-to-date technology. We have always proved to be the first name of waste management to our customers.




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Our services

MHSONS is renowned for scrap treatment and waste management service since 2005. We ensure the quality of raw material to be supplied to different industries by collecting the waste material of various industries and recycle it.

MHSONS provides an effective waste management solution at every level starting from recovery, procession, division, and utilization of waste. We have been an all-rounder solution provider to numerous big names of all industries for collection, treatment, and disposal. Namely the healthcare, food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and electronic and many more industries have been benefiting from our services for the past decade.


Offers two way trade of non-hazardous items to every possible industry.

Waste Management

Complete 360 waste management solutions. You name it, We have it!

MHSONS | Waste Management Company


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